Štrom: Criterion w/ Coco Bryce [NL] & Babilonska [HR] Štrom: Criterion w/ Coco Bryce [NL] & Babilonska [HR]


November 17, 2023 - November 18, 2023    
23:00 - 05:00


Bookings closed


Gala Hala, Masarykova cesta 24, Ljubljana, 1000


Coco Bryce [Myor – NL]
Babilonska [ZEZ, Subtilno – HR]
nastynancy [Nimaš Izbire – SI]
Fujita Pinnacle [Nimaš Izbire – SI]
KNNZ [Nimaš Izbire – SI]
Liara T’soni [Nimaš Izbire – SI]



Criterion of what? Well, no one really likes criteria, but at the same time they are like threads that weave the fabric of our choices and remind us of the beauty of often conflicting values that are celebrated in our funny world (thanks for the quote chatgpt)! Because our values are not only throwing fierce parties, but also hosting wicked artists of diverse skills and backgrounds, we’ve put together a truly massive line-up for our return to Gala Hala, for both your and our enjoyment.

Premiering in Slovenia is hardcore heavyweight Coco Bryce, a Dutchman with over two decades of DJ experience in the European uptempo electronic music scene and over a hundred releases ranging from breaks to gabber on labels such as Critical Records, Rupture, Kniteforce Records, Future Retro, Lobster theremin and Myor, run by the producer himself. Our second international guest is Babilonska, also a DJ veteran of Zagreb dancefloors as well as an old friend of the Ljubljana scene, known for her mystical leftfield bass blends. She is also the head of the ZEZ festival, which is dedicated to the explorative and weird side of electronic music.

The evening’s home entourage is no less exciting: GPN GPN will be kicking off the evening in style with their mischievous selection, and the evening will be ceremoniously closed by the newly-formed bass dynamic duo Fujita Pinnacle b2b nastynancy, so expect some tireless velvet bombardment. This hardcore spectacle is definitely not to be missed, see you in Gala Hala!!!!

Club culture is based on community, so our Nimaš Izbire collective wants to ensure a safe space for all visitors of our events. Let’s create an atmosphere where everyone can feel accepted and express themselves freely, that’s why we don’t tolerate discrimination against lgbtqia+, sexism, nationalism, racism and all other forms of oppression in the club! If you experience or notice any form of abuse or violence during the evening, please make sure to contact the club staff or the Rejv Utopia awareness team, who will be present – you can identify them by their pink vests.

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