Štrom: Bungalovv [AR/DE] & Yantan Ministry [DE] Štrom: Bungalovv [AR/DE] & Yantan Ministry [DE]


March 16, 2024 - March 17, 2024    
23:00 - 05:00


Masarykova cesta 24, Ljubljana


Bungalovv [Infinite Machine, Trrueno – AR/DE]
Yantan Ministry [Yegorka – DE]
gabi98 [Nimaš Izbire – SI]
sin aspirin [Nimaš Izbire – SI]
VJ Jakarta [Nimaš Izbire – SI]



Despite our self-imposed break from hosting (larger) evenings, we simply couldn’t say no to this metaphysical opportunity, and it’s a good thing we didn’t turn off the radar!
By a happy coincidence, these very same days we will have the international creator of mercurial electronic music, Yantan Ministry, who was a guest at the Grounded Festival a few years ago, as well as the well-known esotericist Bungalovv, a musician of Argentinian origin settled in Berlin, whom we hosted last year at one of our favourite editions of Strom: Equinox, roaming around our city.
On the upcoming Saturday, they are joined by our Nimaš Izbire residents representing the local post-internet rave scene, sin aspirin and gabi98, as they inspire a numinous club experience on the very intimate dancefloor of Monokel, while visions of the future will be projected by our new member of the collective, VJ Jakarta.

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